Mulberry is temporarily closed.

We believe that closing is the healthiest thing for our family, our employees, and our community.

We promise we will be back as soon as possible and with spring fabrics! After all, we’re 37 years in business and we’re going no where!

Keep in touch with us here for daily doses of fabric to keep all of our spirits high.

Please email us with any questions

Please stay healthy.
Elizabeth + Susan Kobesky


Sew a face mask:

Donate to UNC:

Although we are temporarily closed Mulberry has donated a huge amount of cotton, flannel, elastic, and thread all around the triangle. We have been happy to donate, doesn’t feel right taking money at a time like this.
We have spent the last couple of days delivering packages to folks. We appreciate you thinking of our business and how to support us.  Our answer is short and sweet.  Just be there when we re-open(we will!)  We will be needing the support of the community in a big way.