Sewing Essentials

Sewing Essentials

Wide Ironing Board Cover
Ruby Star Society

Spruce up your Ironing board with this Rashida Coleman-Hale sweet scissor print.  Comes in a re-usable drawstring tote.
Leather Ruler Keychain 

A leather fob for your keychain, combined with a 6-inch ruler. In medium brown, natural and black.  Comes with a small muslin drawstring bag.
Grabbit Magnetic Pin Cushion

In limited addition yellow!  Includes snap-cover and colored pins.
Tulip Hiroshima Milliners Needles

Milliners Needles straw assorted. #3 #5 #7 Thick sizes.  Superior polish finish.  Large needle eye. Flexible and warp resistant.  Runs smoothly through fabric.  Made in Japan

Spring action and super sharp for thread clipping.  In colors pink and blue.
Tulip Hiroshima Sewing Needles

Sewing needles. #9 Sharp tip.  Large needle eye. Flexible and warp resistant.  Runs smoothly through fabric.  Made in Japan
Merchant & Mills Point Turner

An end to holes and broken pencils. Collars and cushions get points.
Made of silky smooth bamboo, this little tool creates a perfect corner every time.
Tailor Ham $20
Tailor Sausage $20

Tailors Clapper 
Small $20
Medium $22
Large $24

Don’t forget your useful pressing tools to help you with your wool sewing! Tailors Hams and Sausages’ are a great pressing tool for curved seams and sleeve seems. Super helpful tool with collars.  Tailor clappers are helpful at locking steam in and giving you a neat press especially with wool.
Colorful Seam Ripper

A useful sewing notion in colors yellow, red and green. Comes with protective shield.
Magnetic Spool Pin Holder

Magnetic pin holders with 12 straight pins.  In colors blue, pink and teal.
Tulip Hiroshima Sashiko Assorted Long Needles

Sashiko Needles Assorted Long.  Large needle eye. Flexible and warp resistant.  Runs smoothly through fabric.  Made in Japan
Bobbin Boat

Organized storage for your bobbins.  In colors green, blue and teal
Merchant & Mills Bespoke Tape Measure
Merchant & Mills superior tape measure in black & white.  150cm or 60 inches.  Made in Germany
Tomato Pin Cushion

Iconic sewing notion
Bohin Pincushion

Pin Cushion with slap bracelet in special edition colors, pink and fashion.  Also in classic black.  Made in France.
Tulip Hiroshima Sewing Needles Assorted

Sewing needles Assorted.  #7 #8 #9 Sharp tip.   Large needle eye. Flexible and warp resistant.  Runs smoothly through fabric.  Made in Japan.
Gingher Designer Series Rynn
8″ Knife edge Dress maker Shears $69.60
4″ Embroidery Scissors $45.99

*Full Lifetime Warranty 
“Our Top Selling scissors with a reputation among dedicated sewers and quilter of being the best tool investment they can make. Durable double plated chrome over nickel with a proprietary ornamental design process gives every pair a unique flair. 8 in Dressmaker Shears offer a longer cut ideal for cutting patterns, trimming seams or cutting long Swaths of fabric. Knife-edge blade grind effortlessly cuts through multiple layers of fabric from joint to tip every time. Includes custom fitted sheath. Limited Edition Pattern – Designer Series Rynn”
Mesh Project Bags
5″ x 9″ $5.20
10″ x 13″ $6
13″ x 13″ $8.50

The best see -through bags to get organized!  Tough and sturdy.
Burda Style Magazine

Burda December magazine from Germany.  Includes patterns!
Bohin Organizer 

XL organizer 15″ x 8″ x 6″.  Clear.  A Mulberry favorite!  Made in France.
Best Press
16.9 fl oz Scent free/ Lavender Thyme

Make ironing as pleasant as possible! No more mixing starch with water or environmentally-unfriendly aerosol cans that get clogged. Best Press The Clear Starch Alternative is a clear and fragrant miracle starch that doesn’t clog flake or leave a residue even on dark fabrics. Also relaxes stubborn wrinkles makes ironing easier and makes fabrics soil-resistant. The clear non-aerosol spray bottle lets you see how much is left. Best Press is a trademark of Mary Ellen Products Inc.
The Wacker

The Wacker seams perfect controls and compresses those unruly mult-layer seam allowances without compromising the small 1/4 seam allowance; no more pressing seams open no more removing stitches to twist and no more clipping into seams just steam- wack- press and done! The original and ONLY Wacker seams perfect! size handle 7-7/8in L head 3in longx1-1/4in diameter weights 4 oz Made in the USA
Yellow Tape Measure

Trusty old yellow tape measure!
Wool Pressing Mat

14in by 24in BY ½ thick pressing mat.. The American made 100% wool composition hold the heat of your iron. It’s like pressing from both sides at once!  Made in the USA.
Mulberry Silks & Fine Fabrics
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Happy Sewing!