Sewing Essentials/Holiday Gift Guide

Sewing Essentials

Leather Ruler Keychain 

A leather fob for your keychain, combined with a 6-inch ruler. In medium brown, natural and black.  Comes with a small muslin drawstring bag.
Grabbit Magnetic Pin Cushion

In limited addition yellow!  Includes snap-cover and colored pins.
Merchant & Mills Elementary Sewing Skills Book

The Merchant & Mills Elementary Sewing Skills book is a pocket or bag companion, packed full of useful techniques for wardrobe maintenance and alterations. Bound in linen, with crystal clear instructions, sequenced illustrations and beautiful photography, it is both useful and beautiful. Topics include darts and gathering, seams, ease, hems, interfacing and closures such as buttons and zips are all covered alongside advice on using and understanding patterns and performing basic alterations. Successful sewing is very achievable: just make sure that you have this book to hand at all times. Keep it simple & do it well.
Tulip Hiroshima Milliners Needles

Milliners Needles straw assorted. #3 #5 #7 Thick sizes.  Superior polish finish.  Large needle eye. Flexible and warp resistant.  Runs smoothly through fabric.  Made in Japan

Spring action and super sharp for thread clipping.  In colors pink and blue.
Merchant & Mills Wooden Folding Ruler

Superb quality folding rule marked in both imperial (inches) and metric (cm). 1M long.  Made in Sweden. A traditional carpenter’s rule that we find very useful for fabrics!
Tulip Hiroshima Sewing Needles

Sewing needles. #9 Sharp tip.  Large needle eye. Flexible and warp resistant.  Runs smoothly through fabric.  Made in Japan
Merchant & Mills The Sewing Book
176 beautiful and informative pages.
Part I introduces tools, techniques, our philosophy and working methods so you’re completely prepared for the fifteen fabulous projects in part 2. We guide you through the construction of an apron, bags, soft furnishings and even things to wear. Each task builds on the skills gained in the previous one and as if that were not enough we even throw in a couple of patterns for you to scale up and get cutting. Read, learn and make
Merchant & Mills Point Turner

An end to holes and broken pencils. Collars and cushions get points.
Made of silky smooth bamboo, this little tool creates a perfect corner every time.
Merchant & Mills Pure Beeswax

Pure beeswax potted with a lid.
Beeswax is traditionally used by tailors to strengthen thread when hand sewing buttonholes. Keep it by the sewing machine and pull your thread across it a couple of times before snipping off the thread end and it will be as easy as pie to get the stiff neat end through the machine needle.
Merchant & Mills Baby Bow Scissors
Just perfect at 6.75cm – nearly 3″ in old money and America.  Best for snipping thread tails rather than cutting cloth.  Hand finished in smooth black with a monogrammed M  for Merchant & Mills. Sharp as an arrow and seriously desirable.
Merchant & Mills Sewing Kit Antique

A sewing kit/wrap for the intrepid home sewist.
Contains: 1 box of dressmaking pins, 25 fine sewing needles, tape measure and wide bow scissors.
Size: Open 36.5cm x 20cm, closed 20 x 13cm.
Made in M&M  workshop in Rye from Antique British oilskin
Magnetic Spool Pin Holder

Magnetic pin holders with 12 straight pins.  In colors blue, pink and teal.
Tulip Hiroshima Sashiko Assorted Long Needles

Sashiko Needles Assorted Long.  Large needle eye. Flexible and warp resistant.  Runs smoothly through fabric.  Made in Japan
Bobbin Boat

Organized storage for your bobbins.  In colors green, blue and teal
Merchant & Mills Bespoke Tape Measure
Merchant & Mills superior tape measure in black & white.  150cm or 60 inches.  Made in Germany
Tomato Pin Cushion

Iconic sewing notion
Bohin Pincushion

Pin Cushion with slap bracelet in special edition colors, pink and fashion.  Also in classic black.  Made in France.
Tulip Hiroshima Sewing Needles Assorted

Sewing needles Assorted.  #7 #8 #9 Sharp tip.   Large needle eye. Flexible and warp resistant.  Runs smoothly through fabric.  Made in Japan.
Tailor Ham $20
Tailor Sausage $20

Tailors Clapper 
Small $20
Medium $22
Large $24

Don’t forget your useful pressing tools to help you with your wool sewing! Tailors Hams and Sausages’ are a great pressing tool for curved seams and sleeve seems. Super helpful tool with collars.  Tailor clappers are helpful at locking steam in and giving you a neat press especially with wool.

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Happy Sewing!